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Pet Memories

Pets ~ Honor your pet Losing a pet is more than losing an animal; it’s losing your companion, your friend, a part of your family. Whether they were loyal defenders, prize-winning champions or quiet companions, their presence provided irreplaceable comfort, selfless friendship and unconditional love.

Remember love of your companion’s devotion in a diamond from ashes or hair as a lasting tribute. Custom created from your pet ashes or hair, our one-of-a-kind diamonds are a lasting tribute to their devotion.

With your one-of-a-kind Pet Memories diamond, you can smile blissfully as you remember those walks in the park, horrible messes that they made and then their look of begging for forgiveness, how they comforted you while you were sick, or got mad if you left them for a vacation, their best-in-show achievements, or the quiet moments simply enjoying each others’ company. Our man made diamonds are a way to forever remember and celebrate the special bond that will always exist between us and our devoted pets.

We have various fancy color diamonds that come in different cuts and sizes. View our diamond options and our jewelry options to find the perfect DNA2Diamond for you.

DNA2Diamond are guaranteed and certified diamonds.

Find the comfort that DNA2Diamond has already given to so many grieving pet owners.

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