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Creating a Pet Memorial

Celebrate the Life of Your Faithful Friend

Celebrate the Life of Your Faithful FriendWhen a loved one dies, friends and family recognize that there will usually be a considerable amount of grief accompanying the loss. Many people try to bend over backwards to accommodate the bereaved during their grief process. Employers will usually offer paid bereavement time away from work so that the employee can attend a funeral or memorial service to honor their loved one who has passed away. Friends send flowers and bake casseroles to feed the family. However, when a beloved pet passes away, some people tend to overlook the loss that has been suffered and minimally acknowledge this type of loss.

Following the death of a pet, the bereaved may not be given the opportunity to speak about their pet or their loss. They aren’t treated to the same level of care and concern as with other human losses. They suffer in silence, alone without the support they would have garnered had it been the loss of a human life. As many dedicated pet owners know, the loss of a pet is just is as traumatic as any other; however, it is up to them to cope with the grief and manage their pain.

Having to cope with their pets death on their own, pet owners sometimes create personal memorials to remember their pets in happier times and to help ease their grief. Some make video tributes timed to music to share on social networking sites or their blogs. Others purchase an urn to keep their pets ashes on the mantle and still others may buy a small monument to signify their pets burial place in their yard. However, a growing trend that many pet lovers have discovered is a bit more of an elaborate way to celebrate the life of their pet. They are keeping their pets memories and essence close to them forever in a memorial diamond.

Created from the ashes of a cremated pet, or from a lock of their hair prior to cremation or burial, memorial diamonds capture the essence of a beloved pet. Companies like DNA2Diamonds, who is a premier provider of memorial diamonds and cremation jewelry, create beautiful, fancy color loose diamonds by combining a unique carbon source (your pets hair or ashes) with a diamond seed. In 70 days or less, a genuine diamond will have been grown in a laboratory setting that mirrors the exact conditions of extreme heat and pressure in which natural diamonds are grown deep in the earth’s core. These man made diamonds however, are not only eco-friendly, unlike earth mined diamonds, but they are also the most personal diamonds in the world because they forever contain the essence of your pet.

A unique twist to these memorial diamonds is that pet owners can combine their own hair with their pets to symbolize their forever bond. Having lost a pet, owners can now create their own memorial and proudly wear these beautiful gems as a symbol of a love that has transcended. Even though they may be grieving without the support of their friends, family and co-workers, creating one of these diamonds can be a catalyst to help the bereaved move through the stages of grief. At the same time, they are able reflect on the happier moments of their pets life as they wear their personal diamond set in a ring, a pendent, earrings or bracelet. These cherished memorial diamonds will forever enable pet owners to hold on to the love of their faithful companion and have them with them always.