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Pet Diamonds

Pet Diamonds

One-of-a-kind Diamonds for a One-of-a-kind Bond

Our pets are amazing and loyal animals that form a one-of-a-kind bond with us.

It’s human nature to form bonds with animals that positively transform our lives. Whatever their species, these constant companions are not just pets - they are family. They share our joys during good times and comfort us in times of grief and pain. Through walks in the park or just sitting by the fireside, they help us find the beauty in life’s simple pleasures and show unconditional love.

Now, with a DNA2Diamond, you can cherish your pet’s life in the most personal way possible. Turning your pet’s hair or ashes into diamonds, DNA2Diamonds provides you with a created diamond keepsake that is a shining reminder of their unique spirit and personality. Every time you look at your DNA2Diamond, you will be reminded of the wonderful experiences you shared and your special bond of friendship.

Our pets can save someone from a burning building, be a champion in a race or at a show, or simply provide you with unconditional love that can’t be found anywhere else. Honor your special pet, hero, or champion with a one-of-a-kind DNA2Diamond.