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Created Diamonds

Created diamonds are real diamonds that have been grown a laboratory rather than those that are mined from beneath the earth. There is no difference in their chemical composition.

Unlike earth-mined gems and other laboratory grown diamonds, DNA2Diamond are truly personal. They begin with the signature carbon taken from hair or the cremated ashes of loved ones (including treasured animal companions). This special carbon is added to a diamond seed in our laboratory and exposed to the same process of extreme heat and pressure that occurs deep below the earth’s crust.

In nature, it takes millennia to create a diamond; in our laboratory, it takes just a few weeks to create a stunning DNA2Diamond that is certified to be physically, chemically and optically identical to earth-mined diamonds. And our process is environmentally-friendly and conflict-free.

Our personal lab grown diamonds made from hair or ashes are more beautiful, more meaningful and more precious — because they contain forever the essence of those you love. They are truly the most personal diamonds in the world.

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