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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are laboratory created diamonds?
A: They are real, certified diamonds that have been created in a laboratory by replicating nature’s conditions of extreme temperatures, pressure and pure carbon that occur over millions of years deep beneath the earth’s crust. Laboratory created diamonds (also referred to as lab-grown diamonds or man made diamonds) possess the identical chemical, optical and physical properties of earth-mined diamonds.
Q: What is a DNA2Diamond?

A: It is a genuine, certified laboratory-grown diamond, but different than any other because it is created using the signature carbon (taken from hair or ashes) of people and pets. These unique diamonds are made to celebrate life’s precious memories and become heirlooms, passed on for generations to come.

Q: What makes a DNA2Diamond “more” than a diamond?

A: A DNA2Diamond is made-to-order using a customer’s personal source of carbon. This makes it more unique and sentimental than any other, as it contains the essence of life and what matters most: your precious memories.

Q: How do you obtain personal carbon from people or pets?

A: Using a high-temperature process, personal hair or cremated ashes provided by the customer is converted into pure carbon, which is the primary element required for diamond formation either in a laboratory or through the naturally-occurring processes deep under the earth’s crust.

Q: How much hair or ashes are required to create a DNA2Diamond?

A: We request 1 cup of cremated ashes and ¾ cup of hair for each diamond. If you do not have these exact amounts, we can still create your diamond by adding generic carbon

Q: Is there a limit to the sources of personal carbon used to create a single diamond?

A: There is no limit to the number of people and/or pets whose signature carbon can be used to create your diamond. You can combine both source types (e.g., ashes and hair) and multiple people/pets in one source category (e.g., hair from an entire family, including your pet).

Q: How does the diamond creation process work?

A: A DNA2Diamond is formed by applying high pressure and high temperature to your source of carbon – a process that replicates conditions found deep inside the earth. We begin with a tiny diamond seed and pure signature carbon. These core components are placed into a growth chamber to form a real “diamond in the rough.” This rough diamond is then cut and polished to the customer’s specifications.

Q: What happens if the entire personal carbon source is not used to create the diamond?

A: It is rare to have excess carbon following the creation process; however, any excess (whether hair, ashes or pure carbon) will be returned to you.

Q: Can our signature carbon ever be removed or extracted from a finished DNA2Diamond?

A: No, it cannot. The pure carbon taken from the personal source that you provide is used as the core material from which the diamond is created and can never be altered following diamond growth.

Q: Why is a DNA2Diamond a socially responsible and eco-friendly option?

A: We are committed to creating only environmentally-friendly and conflict-free diamonds. Unlike natural diamond mining which destroys ecosystems and funds armed campaigns, our man made diamonds are created in a controlled laboratory environment, using only modest amounts of resources. Free from environmental harm and unethical labor or trade practices, the creation of a personal laboratory grown DNA2Diamond is as pure and peaceful as the gems themselves.

Q: How long have laboratory-grown diamonds been around?

A: H. Tracy Hall, Ph.D., a physical chemist working for General Electric, achieved one of the first commercially successful laboratory-grown diamonds in 1954. Up until recent times, most laboratory-grown diamonds were used for industrial purposes. Due to recent technological advancements, laboratories can now produce gem quality diamonds. These beautiful diamonds are eco-friendly and less expensive alternatives to rare and expensive earth-mined colored diamonds.

Q: What is the difference between laboratory-grown and earth-mined diamonds?

A: Laboratory-grown diamonds are identical to earth-mined diamonds with the same timeless beauty, fire, brilliance, unique colors, hardness and quality. A laboratory-grown diamond is usually less expensive than a mined colored diamond.

Q: How popular are laboratory-created diamonds?

A: Within the last decade, gem quality laboratory-created diamonds have rapidly increased in popularity. According to recent industry statistics, almost 70% of women say that they would be willing to choose a lab-grown diamond instead of an earth-mined diamond. As a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative, more people every day are choosing lab-grown diamonds.

Q: How do prices of DNA2Diamonds and earth-mined diamonds compare?

A: Due to the scarce availability of colored diamonds found under the earth, recent price research indicates that DNA2Diamonds’ fancy colored diamonds can be as much as 75% less than the cost of certain earth-mined colored diamonds of comparable size, color, clarity and cut.

Q: How long does it take to create a DNA2Diamond?

A: Our turnaround time for colored diamonds is within 75 days or less from the date that the order is verified and the carbon source is received at our laboratory. Due to the unique growth requirements for white and blue colors, it could take up to 90 to 120 days.

Q: What makes a DNA2Diamond such a unique commemorative option?

A: Our diamonds are a one-of-a-kind keepsake that can never be duplicated. Among the hardest and most indestructible substances on earth, a DNA2Diamond permanently captures the essence of love and is a legacy that can be treasured for generations to come.


To help keep your memories close to your heart, we also provide an elegant presentation package with every DNA2Diamond. It will house the diamond, along with certification and other personal memorabilia such as personal notes, biographies and other keepsakes of a special person or pet.

Q: How do I know that my DNA2Diamond is a real diamond?

A: Your DNA2Diamond (if ¼ carat or larger) will be accompanied by a independent diamond certification report. This analysis is conducted by a world-renowned Gemological Institute and details the diamond’s individual characteristics and certifies its authenticity.

Q: Is my DNA2Diamond guaranteed?

A: Your DNA2Diamond includes a lifetime guarantee against any defects originating from or caused by the diamond creation process. DNA2Diamonds are not guaranteed against damage or loss as a result of theft, willful damage or breakage, application of high heat treatment, change-of-mind, buyer’s remorse and natural inclusions that result from the growth process.

Q: Does the price of the diamond include mounting and setting?
A: Separate pricing for loose diamonds and jewelry settings can be found on our website. We provide an array of settings in both 14 karat and 18 karat white and yellow gold and platinum. If the design you desire is not among our current options, we will work with you to design and create the custom setting of your dreams.
Q: What if I want a different cut?

A: DNA2Diamonds is committed to doing everything possible to create the diamond of your dreams. Please call us at 888-335-3630 and we will happily assist with any special requests.

Q: Does my DNA2Diamond have a unique identity or inscription?

A: Yes, each DNA2Diamond receives a unique ID which is laser inscribed in the diamond’s girdle. In addition, we can inscribe a personal message up to an additional 30 characters for a small additional fee.

Q: Can I buy a DNA2Diamond and have it shipped to another country?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you insure a DNA2Diamond during shipping?
A: Yes we do. In the unlikely event something should happen to your diamond during shipment, you are fully insured. Once the DNA2Diamond is delivered to the customer, the customer assumes all risk and liability.