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DNA2Diamonds: as seen in JetSet Magazine

DNA2Diamonds creates certified, custom diamonds from a lock of hair or cremated ashes to celebrate life, embrace love and be cherished for generations to come. Perfect for a unique anniversary gift, engagement ring or memorial to a loved one or pet that has passed away. DNA2Diamonds are as unique as the lives they mirror.

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Natural vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Please see this awesome infographics about Natural and Lab Grown Diamonds...

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Both demand and prices for fancy colored diamonds are on the rise, but man-made colors are holding the line.

Fancy color diamonds are a rare find deep under the earth’s crust. Some colors such as red and blue are among the most rare and therefore the most expensive. Increasingly, we see royalty, aristocrats, and celebrities wearing these unique diamonds. Mariah Carey's engagement ring was a Jacob and Co. 17-carat emerald cut diamond worth $2.5 million with a 10-carat pink center stone and 58 pink diamonds and two half moon-cut diamonds surrounding it, while Carrie Underwood had a flawless yellow diamond engagement ring by Johnathan Arndt.

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DNA2Diamonds Announces Custom Diamond Layaway Plan

DNA2Diamonds has created a layaway plan which enables customers to make installment payments toward the purchase of a custom-created diamond.

DNA2Diamonds, a premier creator of lab diamonds custom created from a source of signature carbon (hair or cremated ashes), recently announced its new layaway plan. With the implementation of this new plan, customers can more easily afford the personal diamond of their dreams.

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